Improve your language skills by holding five 60-minute conversations in French through a video conference system (Skype). As a former teacher of French and experienced translator, I can adapt to all levels and learning styles. You can also decide which topics you would like to discuss, to expand your vocabulary in a particular area.

Post-session written feedack is not included in this option.


All five sessions need to take place within three months from the date of purchase. However, they don't have to always happen on the same day. For instance you can use all five 60-minute sessions within the same week, or choose to have one hour every Tuesday for five weeks, or perhaps spread them unevenly to fit your own schedule: having the first session on a Tuesday at 10am, the second one on a Wednesday at 5pm, the third one on a Monday at 2pm, ...

1-1 conversations in French: 5 x 1-hour online sessions (no written feedback)

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