[Orders for this booklet are now closed. If you still want to receive one, even though it may not arrive in time for 1st July, please contact me directly by email. Thank you!]

Augmented Memories
is a unique digital and poetic experience, working with Augmented Reality. All instructions are included with the booklet, but basically you will need to install the free app Artivive on your device in order to access the text, since for now, all 12 pages of this fragile pamphlet are left blank.

Every day from 1st to 12th July 2021 at about 8am (London time), a new text will appear when you scan the first page of this very short pamphlet. Each text remains available until it is replaced at 8am the following day.

What if you miss one day? That's not a problem, as each fragment can be read on its own.

Estimated reading time per day: maximum 5 minutes.

This experience ends on 13th July 2021, and then it is up to you to decide what you do with the actual booklet - perhaps write a few notes of your own? 

This augmented experience explores grief and memory, the impact of time, as well as the very act of reading. It is also a reflection on the many notions of "print",  on our bodily experience, and the (im?)materiality of writing.

"Augmented memories" Pamphlet

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  • Please note that you will need a tablet or smartphone to enjoy this reading experience, since you need to upload the (free!) app Artivive to activate the text.

    More information on Artivive available here: https://artivive.com/resources/faqs/viewing-augmented-reality-art/