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Writing commissions

Creating the text you need

Need content for your website? Different insights for your blog? Help with delivering a speech or talk? A personalised poem for a truly unique gift?

Whatever your project, however small or big, I will be happy to discuss it with you and provide a quote. My fees, starting from £35 for a short text, vary depending on the text's length, turnaround time, audience size, and research needed.

Simply email me at to discuss your project.

Beyond the realities of CAT and machine translation, the research work of the human translator increasingly depends on internet resources. However, for anybody involved in teaching translation, it is also vital to convey to would-be professionals that certain challenges involve much more creative, instinctive and discerning solutions that are not always available online. These challenges remind students of why translation matters and why machine translation will never usurp the skill of the professional translator. 

A shift to remote teaching and online assessment poses many challenges for translation courses. In my group of translation studies postgraduates, a test usually conducted in class was shifted online, thereby providing students with the full range of online resources that they would not have had otherwise. For this reason, I decided to commission Lou Sarabadzic to write a piece specifically for the test. Knowing her bi-cultural and bi-lingual work, and her experience as a teacher and a translator, I knew that she would understand exactly the kinds of content, wording and structure that would require my students to look away from the screen and fall back on their own internal resources. The final product did not disappoint.


Aedín Ní Loingsigh, University of Stirling

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